Royal Hojari Frankincense Resin (Grade 1/ Green)

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Rare and exquisite green-tinted hojari frankincense resin tears from Oman. This premium Grade 1 resin releases a warm, spiced, citrusy aroma when burned – one of the finest frankincense varieties.

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This genuine Royal Hojari frankincense resin exhibits a coveted grünlich or greenish hue that is among the rarest and most prized frankincense varieties from Oman. Sourced from wild Boswellia sacra trees in the Dhofar region using traditional harvesting methods.

When burned, these precious resin tears emit an exquisite aroma that is warm, subtly citrusy, and delicately spice-laden. Notes of lemon, pine, and classic church incense harmoniously mingle.

The distinctive green tint signifies the resin's higher concentration of prized boswellic acid compounds, harvested at peak maturity. Known for its calming yet uplifting qualities, green hojari has been used for centuries in religious rituals, meditation, and aromatherapy.

This is a connoisseur Grade 1 resin, with the most vivid green hue and robust scent. Each resin piece is a botanical marvel, connecting the user to ancient frankincense traditions of the Arabian Peninsula. An exquisite and profound incense experience.

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