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We search the world for the best quality and curate a selection of sacred resins, herbs, heirloom vegetables, premium cannabis seeds, and other rare and valuable seeds. Our seeds are fresh, packaged with love, and delivered via Australia Post in just a few days.

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Organic Heirloom Herb Seeds

We sell a variety of carefully selected heirloom herb sacred seeds.

Most Popular Cannabis Seeds

These are our customer favourites, a mix of feminised, and auto-feminised cannabis seeds. Have a browse through to see the unique genetics, varying THC levels, and attributes of each strain.

Sacred Resins

Sacred resins like frankincense, myrrh, and dragonblood have been revered for millennia across cultures for their spiritual grounding, meditative, and purifying properties when burned as richly scented incense.

Sacred Seeds: What’s our Story?

We are an Australian-based family business passionate about healing plants, and sacred seeds.

For years, we have travelled the world searching for high-quality, stable, well-bred heirloom seeds, including feminised cannabis seeds, and other rare, exotic master healing plant seeds.

Seeds are sacred: they represent the inter-connectivity of all life. In several indigenous cultures, seeds were given as gifts and regarded as powerful offerings. 

Please note that to us, all seeds, including cannabis seeds, are sacraments; they are delicate organisms that carry the codes of new life. They help us connect more deeply with ourselves and the Earth we live upon. We sell cannabis seeds as adult souvenir items and collectable items and do not support or endorse their germination or cultivation.

As well as supplying marijuana seeds Australia-wide, we are excited to also offer a range of heirloom herb seeds.

We treat our customers like family and genuinely want all of our customers to have a wonderful buying experience with us. We take great care over our shipping and use only Earth-friendly, compostable packaging while making sure that your precious seeds are well-protected at all times.

Thank you for visiting us here in our online home. Feel free to click the chat button in the bottom right corner if you have any questions at all.

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