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This one needs no introduction. White Widow has blessed every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth in the 1990s.

White Widow is a multiple award winning, legendary strain of cannabis known for its potent effects and earthy flavor. It is a cross between a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica, and typically has a high THC content, ranging from 18-25%.

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Strain Information

Learn More about Auto White Widow Feminized Seeds

Auto White Widow is a multiple award winning, legendary strain of cannabis known for its potent effects and earthy flavor. It is a cross between a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica, and typically has a high THC content, ranging from 18-25%.

Effects: A powerful burst of euphoria and energy breaks through immediately, stimulating both conversation and creativity. White Widow Feminized Seeds is a great strain for stress, anxiety and pain relief.

Flavour: The aroma of Auto White Widow is earthy and woody, with a flavour that is similarly pungent and spicy.

Auto White Widow Feminized Seeds are selectively bred for the highest quality phenotypes.







From "White Widow Feminized Seeds is a hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian indica. This strain is 60% sativa and 40% indica. White Widow is one of the most famous strains worldwide, first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds in the 1990s. Its buds are white with crystal resin, warning you of the potent effects to come. A powerful burst of euphoria and energy breaks through immediately, stimulating both conversation and creativity."

Auto White Widow strain helps with

  • Stress
    35% of people say it helps with stress
  • Anxiety
    27% of people say it helps with anxiety
  • Pain
    26% of people say it helps with pain

Auto White Widow Feminized Seeds terpenes

The most abundant terpene in White Widow is myrcene, followed by caryophyllene and pinene.

Trip reports:

  • "This has got to be my favorite strain that I ever smoked. It gets me moving.. I'm not too lazy, I feel happy. I can get things done for sure.. I'm not paranoid AT ALL.. I actually feel NORMAL! Smoking White Widow is like taking a medication for me. It's the perfect weed."
  • "Hybrid Piney Cedar Taste Cough Attack Creeping euphoria to the head Sets in slowly and Ceases the physical pain of exercise Feeling light as a feather At heart I felt the need to giggle, crack jokes. This combats stress while Cerebral, opening up your mind up towards the universe around you Inconspicuously Very light green whitish buds with very light curly orange hairs that blend in with the crevices of the trichomes without difficulty. I would recommend White Widow for those who want their mind woken up, have physical pain, want to do something creative and want a uppity hybrid! 🙂 I would not recommend this for sleep, those who prefer a sweet taste, and those who lack materials to create art or such at the time of consumption. 😉 I can see White Widow being a "go to" strain for the 8 a.m. wake n bake."

Genetic Lineage of White Widow:

“The White Widow strain was first released to the public by Shantibaba, shortly after he founded the Green House Seed Company in 1994 with a Dutch partner named Arjan. The pedigree of this famous sativa/indica hybrid is made up of a pure Brazilian sativa mother and a South Indian, Keralan hybrid father. The exact origins of the mother plant remains somewhat of a mystery but the most educated guess is that it could possibly be the old school, Brazilian landrace Manga Rosa, which has a long history of spiritual use.

The Father was discovered during a trip to India where Shantibaba was approached by a man, who after sharing a joint with him, eventually led him to his farm in the mountains of Kerala. The farmer then introduced him to an indica hybrid that had been selectively cultivated and bred towards optimum resin production in his village for a very long time. After several days of sampling the farmer’s plants, Shantibaba left for the Netherlands with a batch of fresh seeds, from which he was soon to discover the male for his White Widow cross. He eventually bred it to the Brazilian Sativa mother, forming the spectacular White Widow.” (

About our Premium Cannabis Seeds

We’ve hand-selected a variety of world-class cannabis seeds chosen for their quality genetics and unique effects on mind, body, and spirit.

We search for high-quality, stable, well-bred feminized marijuana seeds. Most of our strains come as feminized or auto-flower feminized cannabis seeds, ensuring robust and reliable growth.

We offer a range of indica and sativa weed seeds, including some award-winning strains and coffee house classics.

To us, cannabis is a sacrament; it is not just recreational or medicinal; it is a sacred plant that can connect us more deeply with ourselves and the Earth we live upon.

Disclaimer: We sell cannabis seeds as collectible adult genetic preservation souvenirs and for the purpose of strain preservation for future generations. We expressly point out that all those who purchase our marijuana seeds are responsible for their actions. We do not endorse or support the cultivation or germination of weed seeds.

59 reviews for Auto White Widow Feminized Seeds

  1. Peter H (verified owner)

    4 day delivery, planted 1 and it’s now about 2 weeks until harvest. Happy camper, will certainly buy from Sacred Seeds again.

  2. Roger

    Great white widow autos

  3. len

    very good to deal with fast delivery and very good service thank you

  4. Brendan (verified owner)

    Excellent service Ordered and sent out within days

  5. Rachel (verified owner)

    So happy – 100% germination, lovely plants, great customer service!

  6. Steve (verified owner)

    Great service and seeds.
    So much easier and faster than international sellers.
    100% Germination and looking good.

  7. Jewelz

    Brilliance as always !! Thankyou Sacred Seeds for your excellence and service. Jewelz

  8. Shane

    Once again great service, 100% germination great product I thank you all at sacred seeds

  9. Conan (verified owner)

    Great seeds, easy to order and came fast!

  10. Andrew (verified owner)

    Easy to use great quality and fast discreet shipping

  11. Eric O (verified owner)

    Easy website to navigate, fantastic customer service, quick arrival, and most importantly – good product. Seeds germinated in less than 48 hours and are healthy.


  12. Green F

    Top quality, exactly what you can shipping

  13. Travis (verified owner)

    Great service great product I couldn’t ask for more…

  14. Jason H (verified owner)

    5 beans 5 strikes, 100%,great service thanks

  15. Jack H (verified owner)

    Refrigerated the seeds for 4 weeks over Christmas, soaked overnight in water, sowed into peat, 100% sprouted in 3 days, growing amazingly fast after a slow start as roots developed… very happy with these seeds so far

  16. Matt (verified owner)

    Of all the seeds I bought these have been by far the fastest growing. After only 6 weeks one of the plants is enormous & is already touching the roof. Give them plenty of room to grow.

  17. Kevin (verified owner)

    WoW is all I have to say. Happy happy happy.

  18. David k (verified owner)

    Happy, arrived on time all my beans popped and are doing great

  19. Lyndon O (verified owner)

    Excellent service, fast arrival, hassle free ordering. Fully recommend doing business with these guys. Great products too.

  20. Sean (verified owner)

    Got some nice seed. All germinated they arrived in 5 days and i will be buying again. Thanks so much guys

  21. David k (verified owner)

    Arrived on time, these are legit seeds I’ve ordered several times. All my girls popped in 2 days and Jess is the best help

  22. J (verified owner)

    Great seeds, showed up no hassles and growing great!

  23. Glenn (verified owner)

    Purchased 5 seeds, germinated all 5 with 100% success a couple of months ago and planted them outside, all have grown well and just about ready to harvest! Couldn’t be happier with the result and have recommended sacred seeds to two mates who now have purchased their own seeds, I will be making another purchase soon.

  24. Chris (verified owner)

    Ordered and received 2x seeds, sprouted in soil outdoors, 1x seed was better than the other but both are looking good and budding .

  25. Martin (verified owner)

    Top quality service and product. Exactly as advertised. Thank you Sacred Seeds.

  26. Martin (verified owner)

    Great product. Top quality. Great to deal with. Thank you 🙏🏻 I’ll be back.

  27. Someone (verified owner)

    1 seed never germinated but they offered a replacement seed upon my next purchase. There is always going to be a chance that a seed may not germinate, so this was acceptable. After about 6 weeks the AUTO strain produced small but decent buds of very high quality. The Auto plants are reasonably small and look excellent, ideal for the toilet room on a shelf.

  28. Rick (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, only 5 working days. All 5 germinated and all were female and have started to flower at the start of summer, outdoors. Can recommend this product 100 per cent!!

  29. Allan (verified owner)

    Came on time popped with in 3 days carnt wait to see how the turn out will buy again

  30. Ian (verified owner)

    As always quick delivery and Quality seeds struck in 4 days everyone of them. Always a pleasure to deal with. 10/10 from me…

  31. Scottie (verified owner)

    Great company, good service fast shipping,, and a great product, winner

  32. Stephen (verified owner)

    Impressed with the birthing speed.

  33. Lea (verified owner)

    Fast to arrive and grow also great packaging

  34. Mark (verified owner)

    Going great so far 🙂

  35. Darren (verified owner)

    Was a little sceptical like everyone one that wants to buy seeds online from AUS. They came and this is a great company to deal with… LEGIT!

  36. Fay (verified owner)

    Quick & easy. Happy with product. Thanks guys.

  37. Peter (verified owner)

    Great product, quick reliable postage, definitely recommend.

  38. Sam (verified owner)

    Fast delivery got all 5 seeds out of the ground and growing well

  39. Jason (verified owner)

    Great service great product very happy

  40. Roger (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, waiting for plants to emerge. will update

  41. DT (verified owner)

    Great results on both purchases. Grateful for the extra seeds too! These guys are the legit true legends!

  42. Glen M (verified owner)

    Top quality seeds , fast shipping and excellent customer service

  43. ndonohue7 (verified owner)

    Came quick and popped nice

  44. J.harris (verified owner)

    Great product..prompt and hassle free service.. thanks again sacred seeds…highly recommended

  45. Daniel V H (verified owner)

    Excellent service all round. Highly recommend.

  46. Scott M (verified owner)

    Strong grow right from the start

  47. Michael J (verified owner)

    Seeds arrived after about four days of order being placed was supported by kind and considerate staff all the way , great product great company and thank god for Sacred seeds as it is near impossible to get product from international sources thru our customs now . I say this after trying about four times with no luck.. So I can say in all honesty this company has your back and in my experience will deliver .

  48. neil (verified owner)

    hi got 5 seeds quik as but slow to grow and only one pooped sorry

  49. Nathan P (verified owner)

    TOP QUALITY! always.

  50. Mason J (verified owner)

    Delivery was quicker than expected.seeds are growing nicely. Thanks, team!

  51. Dazza (verified owner)

    stoked. white widow. 100% germ. Highly recommend!

  52. Peter D (verified owner)

    Great seeds, great service, and environmentally conscious packaging. What more could you ask for?

  53. Kaz (verified owner)

    seeds shipped from Australia. You won’t be disappointed!

  54. Fifi (verified owner)

    The eco-friendly packaging was a sweet touch.These seeds are top-qual and the delivery was fast.

  55. Kizza (verified owner)

    Top-quality seeds from a true blue Aussie company. Highly recommend!

  56. Russ (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and top-notch customer service. A+++!

  57. Gav (verified owner)

    3 day turnaround. great communication, helpful mob

  58. Stuart G (verified owner)

    speedy gonzales…

  59. Julie W (verified owner)

    happy. 10/10. nice to deal with legit biz

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They are adult novelty collectable items that have various uses, such as producing body care products, natural remedies, seed preservation, souvenirs, and oil.

However, it’s important to note that while the laws regarding cannabis are evolving swiftly, cultivating cannabis by germinating these seeds may still be deemed illegal in certain states.

At Sacred Seeds, we sell cannabis seeds strictly for souvenir, seed-banking or seed-collecting purposes.