How to Store Cannabis Seeds in Australia

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The Best Ways to Store Cannabis Seeds in Australia

How you store your cannabis seeds is just as important as the quality of the seeds.

Why is this?

The main benefit of properly storing your cannabis seed collection is that you can ensure that the seeds retain their viability over time. When stored correctly at cold temperatures (between -4°C/25°F and 4°C/40°F) with low humidity (below 15%), the shelf life for most cannabis seeds can extend 5-8 years or even longer if stored properly. Additionally, using sealed containers or vacuum-sealed bags helps protect from contamination from outside sources such as dust particles or pests.

As more modern hybridised strains become favoured amongst consumers over traditional landraces, true “heirloom” varieties become increasingly rarer; preserving these heirloom varieties through seed banking allows us to maintain genetic diversity while also providing options for future cultivators looking for something special!

Finally, properly stored seeds give you peace of mind that your favourite genetics will still be around when they’re needed most—whether starting an outdoor grow or simply carrying on a beloved strain’s legacy years into the future. With all these benefits combined, it makes sense why preserving cannabis seeds with proper storage methods is so important today! 

At Sacred Seeds, we are passionate about decentralised seed-banking, as a way of preserving genetic diversity for future generations and also making sure that strains are not “centralised” into the medical or big Pharma system. 

Learning how to properly store seeds is an investment into the future!

The Debate Over Storing Cannabis Seeds in Cold Temperatures

When it comes to storing cannabis seeds, there are a few different methods used by cultivators and seed collectors alike. While some swear by refrigeration as the ideal method for extending seed viability over time, others believe that freezing—or even room temperature storage—could be a better option depending on the circumstances. Let’s take a look at both sides of this debate and see which one is ultimately more beneficial for preserving your precious cargo!

Refrigerating Seeds

Keeping cannabis seeds cold is widely regarded as one of the most reliable ways to maintain their viability for extended periods of time. Refrigerated environments typically hover around 4°C (40°F), making them well-suited for prolonged seed storage; additionally, they tend to have lower humidity levels than those found at room temperature, another factor important for keeping moisture away from your seed stock. Studies have shown that seeds stored under cold temperatures (between -4°C/25°F and 4°C/40°F) with a low humidity level (below 15%) can remain viable for 5-8 years or even longer.

The downside to refrigeration is that certain conditions must be met in order to ensure optimum longevity; exposure to light or drastic changes in temperature can quickly damage your seeds and cause them to lose their germination potential over time. It also requires constant monitoring of temperature and humidity levels, as well as regular rotation of seed packs so that any damaged ones can be replaced before they spoil the rest of your collection.

Room Temperature Storage

Room temperature storage has its own set of benefits too; with less equipment required (no dehumidifiers or refrigerators needed!), it’s quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive. This makes it an attractive option for farmers who are short on space or want to save some money in the short term. Seeds stored at room temperature also don’t require constant monitoring like those kept in colder climates do—simply keep them away from direct sunlight and minimize air exposure by sealing any containers tightly!

However, when it comes down to it, long-term seed viability at low temperatures still reigns supreme. Room temperatures generally fall between 15–20°C (60–68°F), too warm for any real chance at longevity; seeds stored in these conditions will always have shorter shelf lives than their refrigerated counterparts. Additionally, if ambient humidity levels are too high (above 40%) then mold growth could become an issue and quickly ruin your entire crop! If you have an underground cellar (or bunker) then this could be the best option. 

How do I avoid any mould growing on cannabis seeds in Australia?

Anyone who lived in Australia during those 2 years of ridiculous rainfall and wetness, knows that the battle against mould is real.

Mould growth on cannabis seeds is most likely to occur when humidity levels are too high. To prevent mould growth, it’s best to store cannabis seeds in a cool and dry environment—ideally between -4°C/25°F and 4°C/40°F with a humidity level of less than 15%. Additionally, try to keep your seed storage container airtight so that dust particles, pests, and other contaminants are kept out. Finally, be sure to monitor temperature and humidity levels regularly and rotate any affected seed packs in order to maintain the overall viability of your collection. 

What are the best containers to store cannabis seeds in Australia in?

Research indicates that placing cannabis seed collections in airtight containers helps keep out dust particles, pests, and other contaminants. By preserving cannabis seeds in this manner, cultivators ensure that their favourite genetics remain available for future generations while also protecting the genetic diversity of landrace cannabis strains.

Airtight containers are ideal for storing cannabis seeds due to their ability to maintain humidity and temperature levels. It’s best to choose a container that seals tightly, preferably one with a silicone seal or gasket. Some popular airtight containers for seed storage include glass jars, plastic buckets, and vacuum-sealed bags. It’s also important to ensure your container is large enough to accommodate any regular rotation of seed packs to maintain viability.

We like using those airtight glass mason jars. 

Should I avoid light or total darkness?

Cannabis seeds should be stored in a cool, dry and dark environment, but neither total darkness nor direct exposure to light is ideal. Light can reduce the shelf life of cannabis seeds and affect their potency, while total darkness can speed up the deterioration of the seed’s natural enzymes. The best storage conditions for cannabis seeds involve indirect light or diffused lighting.

Does it ever make sense to freeze cannabis seeds?

It can be beneficial to freeze cannabis seeds for short periods of time if you plan on storing them for an extended period. Freezing cannabis seeds can help prevent their natural enzymes from deteriorating and can also slow down the aging process. However, freezing them for too long (more than 2 weeks) or exposing them to cold temperatures can damage the seed’s protective coating and cause accelerated deterioration. In general, it is best to store your cannabis seeds at room temperature or slightly below room temperature. 

Should I avoid touching the seeds?

Yes, there is no need to touch them at all! The oils on your skin can cause damage to the seed’s protective coating. If possible, use gloves or a little spoon when handling the seeds.

Our final piece of advice for storing cannabis seeds is to remember to label them, and don’t squash them!!

We hope this little article helps you store your cannabis seeds Australia-wide without any drama.

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