Where to Order Weed Seeds in Australia: Introducing Sacred Seeds

by Mar 21, 2023seed collecting, seed storage

Weed Seeds Australia: A Consistent Challenge for Collectors and Enthusiasts

If you’ve been wondering where to order weed seeds in Australia, you’re not alone. With the rise of cannabis cultivation, more Australians than ever are searching for high-quality, feminised seeds. But finding a reliable source can be a daunting task.

Perhaps you’ve already tried, done the google searches, trawled the forums. Most of the time, you may have noticed, people will point you in the direction of companies that may pretend to be local, but are actually just shipping from overseas. 


Getting weed seeds into Australia: The Issue with Overseas Companies

Most companies claim to be Australian but are actually importing from overseas. This often results in long waits (sometimes several weeks) and the risk that your package may not arrive. Additionally, the quality of the seeds can vary significantly, leading to potential disappointment and wasted time. The further they have to travel, and the longer they take to arrive, generally speaking, the lower quality the seeds will be. 

Sacred Seeds: Quality, Speed, and Reliability


Sacred Seeds stands out in this confusing marketplace. As a truly Australian-based company, we ship directly from Australia, ensuring you receive your seeds in just 3-6 days. No more waiting weeks for a package that may or may not arrive.

Our focus is on sourcing the highest quality strains, prioritising feminised seeds for their reliability and superior results. Each strain we offer, such as our Jack Herer feminized seeds, and Purple Glam Kush feminized seeds, have been carefully selected for their genetics, unique characteristics and growth potential. We put a lot of effort into making sure the seeds are of the highest quality. 

The Sacred Seeds Advantage: Value for Money 

Not only do we offer speed and quality, but our prices are highly competitive. We believe that accessing quality cannabis seeds shouldn’t break the bank. The more you buy the more the cost per seeds comes down. We also offer regular promotions, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter. 


So, if you’re trawling the internet, wondering where to order weed seeds in Australia, look no further. Check out our reviews, to see what our customers are saying.

Of course, if you don’t mind waiting 5 weeks for a package from Europe that may or may not make it through, then go with the other companies. 

Sacred Seeds is your trusted source for feminised, high-quality cannabis seeds coming to you from within Australia. Experience the difference of fast shipping, great prices, and seeds that deliver. Order today and join our community of satisfied growers. Check out all our seeds here.


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