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Auto Moby Dick Feminized Seeds is perfect for those who want a powerful, strong, hard-hitting sativa. Moby Dick is amongst the strongest THC-bearing cannabis strains we sell.

* This is the AUTO version. For non-auto photo-period feminized Moby Dick, click here.

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Strain Information

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Genetics: Haze x White widow: the breeders crossed the best indica and the best sativa with the strongest psycho-active properties to create this beast.





Auto Moby Dick is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Haze with White Widow. The effects of Moby Dick are more energizing than relaxing. Consumers say this strain makes them feel buzzy with a motivating head high. Moby Dick is 18% THC, making it a good choice for new and experienced cannabis consumers.

This strain offers a vanilla-forward flavor profile, with strong undertones of eucalyptus. With myrcene as the dominant terpene, medical marijuana patients say they choose this strain to relieve symptoms associated with stress, depression, and anxiety. Moby Dick is a fan favorite among growers, thanks to its short flowering period and its natural resistance to mold. This strain was originally bred by Dinafem Seeds. (from

Auto Moby Dick Feminized Seeds Terpenes

The most abundant terpene in Moby Dick is terpinolene, followed by myrcene and ocimene.

Anecdotal Trip report:
"Moby Dick is an amazing Sativa hybrid. MD contains THCV which give the high a magical psychedelic effect. The high is strong and immediate. Positive energies move through mind and body and remain for hours. However there is no jittery paranoia from the Sativa at all, just bliss. The smell is one of toffee and vanilla. The buds are big,, solid, and golden. MD test out as high as 24% THC."

Moby Dick strain helps with:

  • Stress
    30% of people say it helps with stress
  • Depression
    25% of people say it helps with depression
  • Anxiety
    19% of people say it helps with anxiety

About Our Seeds

We’ve hand-selected a variety of world-class strains chosen for their quality genetics, and unique effects on mind, body, and spirit.

We search for high quality, stable, well-bred feminised cannabis seeds. Most of our strains come as feminised or auto-flower feminised.

We offer a range of indica and sativa’s including some award-winning strains and coffee house classics.

To us cannabis is a sacrament; it is not just recreational or medicinal; it is a sacred plant that can connect us more deeply with ourselves and the Earth we live upon. 

Disclaimer: We sell cannabis seeds as collectable adult genetic preservation souvenirs and for the purpose of strain preservation for future generations. We expressly point out that all those who purchase our seeds are responsible for their actions. We do not endorse or support the cultivation or germination of seeds.

16 reviews for Auto Moby Dick Feminized Seeds

  1. Nick (verified owner)

    Customer service excellent and discrete about 80% germination for some new to this.

  2. Damian S (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Quick turn around times. Excellent product

  3. Chrissy (verified owner)

    Pretty fast delivery. Great success so far, heres hoping it keeps going this smoothly. 10/10 recommend

  4. Phillip S (verified owner)

    Always easy to deal with, quick and reliable. Thanks Sacred Seeds

  5. Col (verified owner)

    Your review * all seeds germinated and have grown remarkably well am very happy with product and will buy more

  6. Kathi (verified owner)

    Awesome service! Awesome price! Awesome crop! First harvest worth every penny! Highly recommend.

  7. LuisaG (verified owner)

    Delivery was smooth and discrete, all seeds germinated and are sprouting nicely.

  8. Meredith M (verified owner)

    Speedy and discreet transaction. We’ve had 100% germination and they’re going great guns outside in Southern Victoria. Looking forward to the end product.

  9. Avi (verified owner)

    I purchased 10 moby dick, so far I’ve 5 out of 5 so pretty happy they are still developing but they are looking really good.
    I also wanted to thanks Jess for her great customer service!

  10. slbeven (verified owner)

    Fast reliable delivery as always. Quality product very viable.

  11. Andy G (verified owner)

    Popped in 2 days looking great after their the great fast delivery as usual.Jess helpful as always

  12. Keegan (verified owner)

    Sprout really fast
    All seeds Germinated
    Will definitely buy more 🙂

  13. Jason (verified owner)

    No need for discounts great price and service
    Up in 4 days thanks jess

  14. Michael (verified owner)

    Quick pop and growing well outdoors in southern Australia fast delivery also

  15. Michael (verified owner)

    Great seed now great little plants quick delivery and seeds look qualityvitems

  16. StevieNoWonder (verified owner)

    Yes it is true you CAN purchase quality seeds here in Australia…I had my doubts but I have placed two orders and both times I received quality seeds which were delivered within seven days and I live in a VERY remote part of Queensland. Due to Australian Laws I cannot say too much more but I have total faith in the seller who have ALWAYS come across as really honest and genuine people…I am confident that if you had ANY problems this seller would bend over backwards to accomodate your needs and offer a fair solution. Sacred Seeds have been really good to me and I HIGHLY recommend them. Thanks:)

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They are shipped from within Australia using Aussie post. 

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If there’s any issue with the delivery, please inform us.

We offer a delivery guarantee, which means as long as you have given us your correct address, we will send more seeds if the original package does not arrive for any reason.

Are the seeds fresh? Are they female?

Yes & Yes! This we guarantee.

Will they germinate?

Whilst we guarantee that all our seeds are top quality, fresh, and match the provided description, it’s essential to note that we sell seeds strictly for collecting and souvenir purposes, and do not support or condone any customers who act in conflict with their local state laws.

We have a no germination policy for customers who reside outside of ACT or lack a medicinal cannabis license.

How do I pay?

Bank transfer, crypto, or we can send you a link to pay on card once you complete your order.

Upon checkout, you’ll receive all the details you need.

If making an online bank transfer you must include the order number in the reference field when making the transfer.

Once the funds have cleared we’ll package your order and send you a tracking number via email.

Typically, you’ll receive the Aussie post tracking details within 1 business day of the funds clearing.

What are the legalities?

On their own, cannabis seeds do not possess any illegal attributes. Seeds contain no THC or CBD.

They are adult novelty collectable items that have various uses, such as producing body care products, natural remedies, seed preservation, souvenirs, and oil.

However, it’s important to note that while the laws regarding cannabis are evolving swiftly, cultivating cannabis by germinating these seeds may still be deemed illegal in certain states.

At Sacred Seeds, we sell cannabis seeds strictly for souvenir, seed-banking or seed-collecting purposes.